Friday, 14 December 2012

Dec 13th Brown Cove Crags winter conditions

On Thurs. I went up to check out the snow  and ice conditions on Brown Cove Crags and see what possibilities there were for some winter images from the summit.
The crags are were black and the gullies were well used, they are in need of a good snow fall and a hard freeze to bring them into better condition.
The turf wasn't as solid as it looked and could do with some really low temperatures to make it a bit more usable without causing damage.

Blencathra and St Johns in theVale
The top of Brown Cove Crags

Snow conditions in the gullies were very easy, the snow is well used.....

Half way up the far left gully

Near the top of the far left gully
Brown Cove Crags
Brown Cove Crags from the road
Great weather and conditions at the top.

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