Sunday, 10 February 2013

9th February Helvellyn

The trip along St Johns in the Vale didn't look too promising, the mist was down to a low level and there wasn't any evidence of snow and ice at the foot of the fells..

As we climbed up towards Brown Cove Crags it started to look a lot more like the conditions we had hoped for and when we got to the Base of the crags we weren't disappointed.

The snow wasn't very deep, but in the gullies it was firm and very enjoyable, the crags looked to have enough and there were several groups dotted about on various routes.

Surreal lighting conditions on the summit made for a very special day.

Good mixed conditions in Central Gully and Broad Gully, Brown Cove Crags

Exiting Broad Gully

Mixed climbing in Right Parallel Gully

Ice sculptures (shame its not 40 feet bigger!)

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Swirrel Edge with the cornices above Brown Cove

Surreal lighting and cloud over Catsty Cam

North from Helvellyn towards Blencathra over the Dodds

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Lawrence said...

Excellent phographs , keep them coming .